Films can be a powerful teaching tool and an effective springboard for generating discussion. Gifted Resources has developed and presented a series of discussions based on movies on topics relating to giftedness for education, encouragement and enjoyment for teachers, students, parents and anyone who lives or works with gifted people.

Why Films?

Films are particularly suitable for teaching students who are visual learners
Films engage emotions as well as the intellect

The inspiration for the series came from using films as a base for study while we were homeschooling. We used the films Titanic, The Dish, The Last of the Mohicans, Men in Black, Big Cat Diary and several others as springboards for learning across a number of disciplines. Also we found that there were teaching units offered on the Internet at 


Photo: Jo Freitag

How a film/discussion session works

A film on a topic relating to giftedness is screened either as a whole or in segments.
We have supper or afternoon tea.
An expert on the particular theme covered by the film leads a discussion of the topics raised in the film.

How the film/discussion sessions can be used
Depending on which title is chosen and the manner in which it is handled the film/discussions can be used for parent groups, teacher training or professional development/in-service training or for gifted youth group activities.

Jo Freitag has prepared (or is working on) discussion notes for these films

Little Man Tate
A Beautiful Mind
The Incredibles
Top Kid
Finding Forrester
Rain Man
Good Will Hunting
Searching for Bobby Fischer
August Rush
October sky


 LITTLE MAN TATE Discussion Notes PPT in PDF Form


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