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Our logo of a cheetah head in a circle was chosen because the cheetah provides a very apt analogy for a gifted person. The cheetah - a metaphor for giftedness is based on the article "Is it a cheetah?" by Stephanie Tolan


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Gifted Resources is coordinated by Jo Freitag.
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The Gifted Resources website and newsletter system has been designed by Jamie Tarling. Read more

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Gifted Resources is a non-profit Information Service.


















A Book Shop
Gifted Resources has books, CDs, games and videos for sale from Hawker Brownlow Education, Ready-Ed, Free Spirit Willow Connection, Jim Coroneos, Zome and others.

A Library
Gifted Resources has a collection of reference books which can be borrowed by members and can be posted to members in country Victoria.

A News Service
Gifted Resources produces an email newsletter containing news of events, programs, guest speakers etc and links to interesting websites on topics relating to giftedness. To subscribe to the email newsletter (no cost involved) click here.

A Service Locator
Gifted Resources has brochures, flyers, pamphlets, articles and business cards from psychologists, education consultants, parent support groups, extension programs and competitions to help you locate the services you need. Gifted Resources also has an Information Pack for sale

A Help/Advice Line
A phone call to Gifted Resources can help with identifying and locating the services you need.

A Networking Facilitator
Gifted Resources helps to bring people together

An Internet Facilitator
Gifted Resources helps you to find relevant Internet sites.

An Information Booth
Gifted Resources has brochures, flyers, articles and business cards from psychologists, education consultants, parent support groups and extension programs to help you locate the services you need. The Gifted Resources Information Pack sells for A$30.00

An Educator On Giftedness
Gifted Resources hosts Guest speakers, Workshops and Film Discussion evenings on topics related to giftedness

A Source Of Encouragement & Social Contact
Gifted Resources activities foster encouragement and social contact






GIFTED RESOURCES  hosted Stephanie Tolan's visit to Victoria in April 2008.
CLICK HERE or on the image above for more details


CLICK HERE to read a report on the January 2009
Springboard Days Expo

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