The Gifted Resources Information Pack is a collection of brochures, pamphlets, articles and business cards from psychologists, education consultants, parent support groups and extension programs and information about conferences and events relating to giftedness.
The contents of the pack vary from time to time to reflect the currency and availability of the information.
Inclusion of material in the pack does not necessarily imply that Gifted Resources endorses the service or its suitability to meet your particular needs.
The current pack contains approx 80 items including A4 sheets, A5 items,  tri-fold brochures,  business cards and  bookmarks.

Cost of the pack is A$30.00 which includes the cost of postage.

To order an Information Pack please email  giving your name and postal address and I will put a pack with an invoice included in the mail for you. Packs will not be sent out on approval.










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