Gifted Resources is very interested in the particular needs of Gifted Visual Spatial Learners and works closely with Gifted & Creative Services Australia and Starjump Special Needs Education for Visual Spatial Learners.

In 2005 Starjump and Gifted Resources combined to host Melbourne workshops presented by Dr. Linda Silverman, author of Upside Down Brilliance and Alexandra Golon, author of the parent companion book Raising Topsy-turvy kids (see picture)


For information on Visual Spatial Learners see

I think in pictures, you teach in words Lesley Sword's classic article on Visual Spatial Learners

Visual-Spatial Thinking Lesley Sword's website

The Power of Visual Thinking Lesley Sword's positive new article on Visual Thinking

Starjump Maxine Cowie's website  Unlocking literacy CD   FLYER    FLYER

Australian Gifted Support Centre Helen Dudenay's website

Gifted Development Center Dr Linda Kreger Silverman's website

Visual-Spatial Resource

Visual-Spatial Learners  Alexandra 'Allie' Golon's website

Allie Golon downloadable articles about VSL

Prof David Lohman papers  

Glenn Ewin Visual Thinking at its best flyer


See Sprite's Site blog post Reading up on VSL


Upside down brilliance by Linda Kreger Silverman
Available in Australia  from Peoplemaking
                                            Australian Gifted Support Centre

Raising topsy-turvy kids by Alexandra Golon
If you could see the way I think by Alexandra Golon
The Visual-Spatial Classroom: Differentiation Strategies that Engage Every Learner by Alexandra Golon

The Stop, Think, Do Program by Lindy Petersen
Stop, Think Parenting 1992
Stop, Think Learning (Teachers Version ) 1998
Helps with acting on impulse - available through

Available from ACER

Books by Priscilla Vail
Smart Kids With School Problems: Things to Know and Ways to Help 1989
Learning Styles: Food For Thought + 130 Practical Tips For Teachers K-4 1992
About Dyslexia 1990
Emotion: The On/Off Switch For Learning
Use Both Sides of Your Brain by Tony Buzan 1991
Strategies for thinking and learning

Right Brained Children in a Left Brained World: Unlocking the Potential of
Your ADD Child by Jeffrey Freed 1998
Specific techniques for teaching visual spatial learners reading, writing,
spelling and mathematics

Thinking in Pictures by Temple Grandin 1996
A very good description of visual thinking

Counseling the Gifted Edited by Linda Silverman 1993
A very good resource book that covers many areas of concern to parents and
teachers of gifted children

In The Mind's Eye by Thomas West 1997
Covers visual thinkers, creativity and gifted people with dyslexia and other
learning difficulties

Mapping Inner Space by Nancy Margulies 1991
Learning and teaching Mind Mapping

Available from Gifted Resources

The Faces of Gifted: A Resource for Educators and Parents by Nancy Johnson 1989

Look Closer: Visual Thinking Skills and Activities K-12 by Nancy Johnson

The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Thrive When the World Overwhelms You by
Elaine N Aron 1997

Children Are People Too : A Parents' Guide to Young Children's Behaviour by
Louise Porter 1997

Keys To Parenting Your Anxious Child by Katharina Manassis 1996


Sprite and the Memory Elephant


Cybraryman Visual Spatial Learners


2e Newsletter Visual Spatial Learners

The writing problems of visual thinkers


Silverman The Visual Spatial Learner

Nancy Johnson

The Syndrome of Nonverbal Learning Disabilities: Clinical Description and Applied Aspects

Thinking Ahead Visual Spatial Learners

TED Talks Temple Grandin The world needs all kinds of minds


Resource Room

Ezine Articles How to teach Visual Spatial Learners


Teacher tap

Technology and skills

Study and Learning Centre RMIT University Learning styles

Word of Mouth Technology

Teach with Movies:

Speech recognition programs for computer eg Dragon Write, Dragon Dictate Dragon Naturally Speaking


Tony Buzan's iMindMap


Visual thinking and learning software

Mindjet Visual thinking and learning software

Concept mapping

Graphic Organizers:

Graphic Organizers:







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